In the UK the roof area and guttering system on the average four bedroom house captures over 98m³ of rainwater, it is then not normally harvested by the homeowner and goes direct to drainage.

The rain harvested by the Well Water System can meet up to 50% of your water use, by substituting rainwater for car washing, toilet flushing, garden irrigation etc.

By using a Well Water System you will also reduce surface water run off by between 50%-60% on your house plot.

  • The annual average rainfall on each UK house is 98,000 litres.
  • The average UK family (4 people) uses nearly 250,000 litres of potable water a year.
  • Water bills will increase by over 23% from 2004-2010 in the UK.
  • 50% of the water used in a domestic dwelling could be substituted for rainwater.
  • The Well Water Rain Harvesting System is cost effective
  • During the summer garden irrigation and car washing can use 40% of the water used.
    Rain Harvesting Systems
    The patented filter system can be installed either above or below ground as with all Well Water components the filter carries a guarantee.more

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